Let’s Begin

I opened a small private practice in 2007 to offer a comprehensive mind-body approach to traditional psychotherapy.  I prescribe medications when necessary, but many adults who are suffering with anxiety or a change in their mood are looking for evidence-based alternatives to use with counseling. Improving the quality of your sleep, nutrition and exercise can change how you feel. Talk therapy and mindfulness training are also effective. In addition, I often order lab tests to make sure there isn’t a vitamin or hormone deficiency involved. Pharmacogenomic testing can also help elucidate how the body responds to certain medications. I consider your health, your relationships, and your work to help get you back on track.

The Practice

Dr. Weymouth spends an hour and a half with each new patient. Initial diagnostic impressions and treatment options are discussed at the end of your first meeting. A second visit is scheduled within one to three weeks. Close monitoring of your progress is an essential part of optimal care. As you feel better, the time between visits is extended.

Board certified and licensed in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York, Dr. Weymouth is not affiliated with any local hospitals or insurance companies. Without the constraints of managed care, she is able to tailor the care to each individual patient. The practice is a fee-for-service model with cash, check or credit card due at the outset of the appointment. Many patients have out of network coverage for a percentage of the cost after their deductible is met. The fee schedule is reviewed with you when you contact the office.                                                                                       

Initial Visit: 90 minutes
Family/Couples: 60+ minutes
Individual: 45+ minutes
Occasionally a 20 minute check-in may be scheduled for an established patient.

**Please note that Dr. Weymouth checks the Prescription Monitoring Program before writing prescriptions and she does not prescribe any opiates.**

Unfortunately, Dr. Weymouth is not currently accepting new patients.